Attended Terminal

Payment Express is the leading EFTPOS solution that integrates with most major point of sales systems. If you have PC at point of sale, it's a small step to add integrated EFTPOS which then links your PC to an EFTPOS PINpad. Payment Express offers significant cost savings and value adding features that no other device can, it exceeds all global security standards and future proofs against any new mandates.

With over 10 years experience providing integrated EFTPOS and payment solutions to the largest and most complex customers globally, and complying with local and international standards including: PCI PA DSS, PCI PED, PCI PTS, PCI DSS, PIN bypass, EMV (online and offline), 3DES, EME, RKI and unique keys per transaction, Payment Express is the logical choice for your Integrated EFTPOS.

Choose from our selection of EMV compliant, PCI PED and PCI PTS certified PINpads:

Ingenico iPP350

Key Features

Fully integrated system - Your EFTPOS works in harmony with your POS
USB Plug and Play - easy to install
Option to support new 'contactless' tap and go cards
24 *7*365 standard support
Incredibly quick transaction time - sub 1 second transactions
Eliminate keying errors due to 2 way integration with all leading POS applications
Ability to process EFTPOS transactions if internet or EFTPOS network is down with our Electronic Offline Voucher (EOV) feature
A great selection of PINpads from the world's leading manufacturers so you can choose which PINpad best suits your business
Create detailed reports of all EFTPOS transactions in real time with Payment Express's feature rich web based reporting tools
Accurate reconciliation - With 2 way integration between the POS and PINpad you can be guaranteed to the card type used and transaction processed.
In addition Payment Express provide reconciliation reports available online or emailed on a daily basis which match to the cent what your acquirer / bank deposits
All PIN pads can be remotely monitored in real time via web based Payment Manager
One stop shop - single supplier for integrated EFTPOS and online credit card processing
Use the same solution in many global regions
EMV Compatible

Terminal Security & Encryption

Payment Express take security seriously, our range of EFTPOS terminal solutions have a tamper-resistant, tamper responsive design and digital end-to-end encryption technologies to protect sensitive cardholder data throughout the entire transaction. Even in the busiest retail environments, our terminals increase the security and flexibility of your payment system. With integrated market-leading Telium 2 architecture and a wealth of connectivity, our terminals like the iPP350 accept all existing forms of electronic payment, including contactless, EMV and mobile (NFC); are EMV, PCI PTS V2 and V3 and PA DSS v2.0 certified; and support the latest international security algorithms. Customer transactions are fast, private, efficient and secure..

Payment Express has a great selection of PINpads, so you can choose which PINpad best suits your business.