POS (Point of Sale) Vendors

Company Web Address Industry
Advance Retail http://www.advanceretail.com Automotive / Book / Stationery / Music / General Retail / Kiosk / Mobile phones / Pharmacy / Tourism / University
Admit One http://www.admitone.co.nz Cinemas
AITPOS http://www.artofit.co.nz/index.html Hospitality/Retail
Aloha POS http://www.task.co.nz/retail-software.html Fast Food
AutoBook http://www.grantday.co.nz Automotive
AX Retail http://www.microchannel.com.au/product/microsoft-solutions/microsoft-dynamics-ax-for-retail/point-of-sale-(pos) Retail
Be Poz http://bepoz.com.au Hospitality
BlueBox Epos http://www.blueboxonline.com
Cashcow http://www.cashcow.net.nz General Retail / Hospitality
CENTAMAN http://www.centaman.com Tour Operators / Tourism
Cheros http://www.chreos.co.nz General Retail
Cin7 http://www.cin7.com/pos Automotive General Retail / Kiosk / Fast Food / Manufacturing / Apparel
Clubware http://www.clubware.co.nz Gym
ClickPOS http://www.clickpos.com Mobile phones / Apparel
Computerlink http://www.computerlink.com.au General Retail
Counter Intelligence http://www.kudos.co.nz General Retail
DotGolf http://www.golf.co.nz/Site/AboutDotGolf.aspx Golf
E7 http://www.micros.com Hospitality
E-Bility http://www.barcode.com.au Book / Stationery / Music
ebizmarts http://www.ebizmarts.com General Retail
Edge http://theedgeforjewelers.com Jewellery
Enabler http://www.magentaretail.com.au General Retail
Epicor by Precise http://www.precisebusiness.com.au/erp/precise-point-of-sale-overview Retail/Supply Chain
Erply http://www.erply.com General Retail
esuite http://www.esuite.com.au General Retail / Apparel
ezyVet http://www.ezyvet.com
Fern POS http://www.fernnz.co.nz General Retail
Fieldpine http://www.fieldpine.co.nz Retail
FuelTorque http://www.fueltorque.co.nz Fuel/Automotive
Fusion RMS http://www.fusionrms.com Hotel Hospitality
Fuji Xerox http://www.fujixerox.co.nz Printing Kiosk
GPOS http://www.gpos.co.nz General Retail / Hospitality / Tourism / Apparel
Harmony http://www.fbsaust.com.au General Retail
IBIS http://www.ibis.co.nz General Retail / Spa and Salon / Tourism
IdealPOS http://www.idealpos.com General Retail / Hospitality
Iglu POS https://www.iglusolutions.com Retail
In POS http://www.inpos.com.au Retail
Infinity RMS http://www.triquestra.co.nz Book / Stationery / Music / General Retail / Fuel / Kiosk / Mobile phones / Pharmacy / Recreation / Tourism
Infusion POS http://www.infusionsoftware.co.nz/ Retail
Intelligent Retail http://www.intelligentretail.co.uk General Retail
Intelligenz Solutions http://www.intelligenzsolutions.com Hospitality / Spa and Salon / Tourism / Health and Fitness
Intouch http://www.connectintouch.com Recreation / Tourism
Island Pacific http://www.islandpacific.com General Retail
Ivend http://www.citixsys.com General Retail
Jewel http://www.citixsys.com Jewellery
Kitomba http://www.kitomba.com Spa and Salon
Kudos (Counter intelligence) http://www.kudos.co.nz
Loan Station http://www.fetechnologies.com.au Library Kiosk
LOTS http://www.healthsoft.co.nz Pharmacy
Management 2000 http://www.aksoft.co.nz General Retail
Menumate http://www.menumate.com Hospitality
Microsoft RMC http://www.integralgroup.co.nz Finance / Public Sector / Health / Health and Fitness
Microsoft RMS http://totalpos.co.nz/products/microsoft-dynamics-rms/ General Retail / Apparel
Monitor http://www.monitorbm.com
MYOB Exo www.myob.co.nz/exo General Retail
Onestop http://www.unilink.com.au Book / University
Onetap by Wizbang http://www.wizbang.co.nz Hospitality
Ontempo http://www.ontempo.co.nz Retail
Orion http://www.orionsystems.co.nz Automotive
Pharmacy Pro http://www.pharmacy-pro.com.au Pharmacy
Pharos https://pharos.com kiosks
Phoenix http://www.ths.co.nz Hotel Management
Phototeller http://www.whitechsolutions.com Kiosk
PixelPoint http://www.pixelpointpos.com Hospitality
Pointsoft http://www.pointsoft.com Hospitality
POS Perfect http://www.posperfect.com General Retail
posCentral http://www.poscentral.info General Retail
POSGreen http://www.fieldpine.co.nz General Retail
Poslite http://pos.reckon.com.au/ReckonPOS/ProductInformation/POSLite.aspx Retail
POSnet http://www.posnet.co.nz General Retail / Hospitality
Pricemate http://www.price-mate.co.uk Retail/Hospitality
Professional Systems Ltd http://www.professionalsystems.co.nz General Retail / Salon / Fast Food
Protouch http://www.protouchsoftware.com Hospitality / Fuel
QPOS http://www.qtech.co.nz General Retail
Ramsys http://www.ramsys.co.nz General Retail
Retail Pro http://www.retailpro.co.nz General Retail
Rezlynx PMS (Guestline) http://www.retailpro.co.nz Hotels
Roonsoft http://www.rhs.co.nz Hotel and Hospitality
RRMS POS http://www.new4u.co.nz/about.html General Retail / Hospitality
RVM by Datawest http://datawest.co.nz Retail
SalonEzy http://www.tecnodata.co.nz Salon
Sales Point https://salespoint.nz Retail / Hospitality
SAM Software http://www.sam.co.nz Automotive
Score POS https://exohelp.wordpress.com/exo-add-ons/score-pos Accounting / retail
SeatAdvisor Inc http://www.seatadvisor.com Ticketing
Semnox Solutions Private Ltd http://www.semnox.com General Retail / Recreation / Ticketing / Cinema / Fast Food
Shortcuts Software http://www.shortcuts.com.au Salon / Spa and Salon / University
Simply Booked http://www.simplybooked.co.nz Hotel and Hospitality
Siriusware http://www.siriusware.com Recreation / Tourism
SPOT POS http://www.spotpos.com Dry Cleaning
SwiftPOS http://www.swiftpos.com.au Hospitality
Synergy POSLink http://www.swiftpos.com.au Automotive
Takeflite POS Airline Management POS Airline Management POS
Tessitura Software http://www.tessituranetwork.com Ticketing
Ticketdirect POS http://www.ticketdirect.co.nz Ticketing
The Jewel Reservation System http://www.jbs.com.au Tour Operators
TheEdge http://www.retailedgeconsultants.com.au Jewellery
Toniq http://www.toniq.co.nz Pharmacy
Tower http://www.towersystems.com.au General Retail
Vend http://vendhq.com General Retail
Venue Master http://www.venuesolutions.biz Cinema
Vision VPM by Provet http://www.venuesolutions.biz Cinema
Vista Entertainment Solutions http://www.vista.co.nz Cinema
WishPOS http://www.wishpos.com General Retail / Hospitality
Xena Retail 3.0 http://www.xena.co.nz General Retail